Starting this week, all of our ENGL 335 responses will be posted and searchable in this public blog space, but see below for a WORDLE representation of the D2L discussion forum responses to the following prompt:

  • First review the various responses to the question, “How do you define Humanities Computing / Digital Humanities?,”asked of participants on the Day of Digital Humanities.
    • Which definition best synthesizes with what you understood of the term? Quote it and explore whether or not it resonates with your coursework here at UW-Stout, a polytechnic and not humanities-driven university.
  • Second, review the “Quantifying Digital Humanities” infographic created by Melissa Terras, who acknowledges it is a representation that is “inevitably partial and open to critical debate.”
    • You may need to Google and explore the DH Resources she mentions before answering the following question: Considering your own major, whether that be Professional Communication and Emerging Media or otherwise, do you think research, scholarship, and potentially jobs in your discipline reflect these statistics? Explain.