I have always thought of blogging as some sort of online journal or a way to waste your time up until last year. I took the intro to the major class taught by Matt Livesy my first semester freshman year. This is when I had my first hands on experience with blogging. Our assignment was to create a blog and just write about whatever, and comment on other peoples writings as well. I created my own blog on blogger and wrote whatever came to my mind. I still didn’t think of it as a tool for academia and I didn’t actually until my first 335 class the other day when Prof. Pignetti told us about a text book the school could have bought, but didn’t need to because it was posted online. Blogs have always seemed fun to me and in my mind learning has never had that connotation to it. It occurred to me another time when the professor we read about in our first reading couldn’t afford to go to the seminar so he posted his paper online and it was the most popular one! While reading Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice I was amazed to find that a new blog is created every second. The fact that there are that many people online in a moment blows my mind. Another interesting tid-bit from this article was that they sad blogs were a form of collaborative thinking! It really is amazing that, in this day and age, we can ask for someone who lives in China for his or her input!