I have never used an actual blog until two summers ago. I had gotten an internship for a technology and geek website based in the Madison area. It was a blog run by one man originally. Focusing on anything he deemed ‘geek’ so he covered a lot of technology and things of that sort. When I had gotten on board I had mentioned being a part of the Game Design major at the time and he seemed excited to have someone cover video games.

So for the summer I played video games and ran my own column on the website, doing reviews, previews, and news. I eventually was able to expand my column to includes movies and board games as well. I was pretty much given complete freedom ater a while to do whatever I wanted.

During the same summer I worked on PR for a blog focused on weird things like science and supernatural. I had to set up their Facebook page, rss feed, and promote them through that.

Aside from that I have followed a few gaming related blogs as well as other things of that nature. I just don’t have much experience actually doing it myself