Blogging, oh blogging…where to begin? Well, I guess you could say my first experience with blogging is pretty much the same spot where everyone else in this class began, in english 121. With Matt as my professor, we were given the task to blog once a week on any site that we chose. This is my first time using WordPress and I am very confused with everything. After today though, I am a little better with it, but the blog of choice that I used last year was Tumblr. I think that Tumblr is turning farther from blogging though, and more towards pictures and gifs. I did however find it quite difficult to write a blog once a week because I’m not the kind of person who likes to tell people about my life and experiences. I mean I update my Facebook status about once a month! I hope to however become a better blogger as I go through this class.


The reading ” Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice” I was honestly surprised that so many people blogged. I guess I always see blogging as something Kim Kradashian did with her free time, while waiting to do something “so exciting” with her life, and then fans read it, but to find out that just anyone does it amazes me. When it was said that nearly “54 million were published as of late 2006” I forget that even back then people blogged. I guess as I get older I think that the best is still coming, but to think that even 6 years ago people were sitting at their desktops blogging just is something I did NOT think about! When it says in this article that “[t]he weblog as a writing form is fundamentally about fostering personal expression, meaningful conversation, and collaborative thinking..” I think right away about how I don’t personally enjoy doing that. That’s the way I saw blogs..for people to sit there and say what they did that day! I guess at the end of the day, I will have to get used to blogging, and I’m sure it will grow on me…I mean every time there is a new Facebook layout I am confused right away, but then I get used to it!