I never really knew that blogging has become such a big thing in the writing world. I mean, I knew it had some significance but not nearly as much as it does. Before this class, I never used blogging as a way to write down my thoughts or write about a topic. I have a Tumblr but I just use it to follow fitness and health blogs, celebrities, fashion, and things like that. It’s so surprising to me that in my english classes this year my professors require the class to use Twitter and post regular tweets as a way to communicate outside of class. I’m new to Twitter so I always thought of it as just another social media site but I’ve learned that it’s being used to talk about New York Fashion Week, Digital Humanities conferences, and even TV shows. It is so amazing that technology is something that is so widespread throughout the world. Only about 40 years ago computers were the size of a room and look how far we’ve come with technology! Phones and IPods are thinner than pencils, there’s tablets, IPads, kindles, nooks, 4G networks, and so much more. Technology offers you the entire world at your fingertips.

One of the things that I really liked from the reading was the interview with Brett Bobley on pages 60-66 in Debates In Digital Humanities by Matthew Gold. I like the way Bobley explained his definition of digital humanities and how it’s changing the technology world. You can communicate with people from different countries whenever you want. From reading his interview, I have a better understanding of what digital humanities is and the potential it has in the future.