My name is Jordan Ogdahl and I am currently studying digital humanities. I have almost no experience with blogging except for a few posts I made for my technical communication class last year. Blogs are new and slightly confusing to me, mostly because I’m not used to posting my thoughts out for everyone to see. I only make Facebook statuses about big stuff that happened a certain day, but never about my feelings. It will be new and interesting posting my opinion on different subjects this semester.

After reading “Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice,” by Aimeée Morrison I discovered that blogs and what people say online can greatly affect people around them, and the rest of the world. For example Morrison stated that during the 2004 election, blogging took off dramatically and had an influence on the election. Bloggers earned press credentials and one Democratic candidate’s blog was “more newsworthy” than his actual running for presidency. It’s almost unbelievable how much writing online is overtaking writing on paper, or even presenting on tv. Maybe one day there will be bloggers whose names are as well known as Mark Twain or Stephenie Meyer.Image