Ohhhh blogging..we meet again.

Honestly, I’ve always been a fan of the good o’l toothy craft paper. Doodling. Writing. Paper air planes. Snowflakes. It was the immediate ‘go-to’ for an outburst of creativity as a kid. Pretty much everyone grows up using it in one way or another, and I love that. It’s pretty crazy to think about the ways we become more sophisticated with communicating as we grow older – blogging, texting, emails, Twitter, Facebook – all are becoming so very necessary for day-to day communication. We must find new sources of presenting creativity and channeling ideas. As lovely as hand-written documentation for academic or leisurely purposes can be, it really won’t cut it anymore. We are a rapidly growing, fast paced society with the attention span of a goldfish. Creative minds in turn must accommodate these needs. So despite my tactile, somewhat nostalgic wishes to have everything in this world documented by the timeless pen and paper, I have come to embrace and accept the benefits of digital writing through a few different classes at Stout. For a 2DDigital Imaging class we had to showcase some (very dated by now) portfolio work and a little writing. For a life-drawing class we also had to create a blog in order to write about how we feel our drawing skills change over the course of the class. Recently, in another design course we were asked to create a Tumblr account to keep a live feed of design references flowing for inspiration to the class. The fact that these social networking sites and various blogs are becoming embedded into class curriculum of says quite a bit about the impact they’ve had and will continue to have on future generations of learning! Wow.

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