Okay, I’m confused on what the assignment today/tomorrow is–so I’m kind of winging this. I apologize for my probable density.

As a humanist with a background in computers, I find myself utterly fascinated and yet completely put off by the differentiation between Digital Humanities and Humanities Computing. There are two kinds of coding used today–WYSIWYG* style in which HTML, Javascript and CSS fall, and Object Oriented Programming, in which you can create WYSIWYG anyways. Any of use who publish to a blog, or create in any sort of digital media, or even just spend time on interactive websites in which we might be posting (except Facebook, they took away the ability to code into your page years ago.) should really know basic HTML and should really be capable of computing in a manner that is consistent with communication. It blows my mind that those of us who write the words are not currently capable of publishing our own way–but, I desire to go into publishing. I’d hardly call myself a real writer most days.

Todays “My Point!”–learn to code as a means to publish your own work. Look at the book Marissa posted, and might I direct you to the Jumpola/IdeaBook hybrid site, where there are *tons* of resources.



* What You See Is What You Get–aka design-minded coding.