Reading these chapters on the digital humanities was actually very interesting. I liked how it went over the entire history and really broke it down to help people understand what it was like to start a whole new revolutionary group of people. My favorite part of the digital humanities thus far is seeing how passionate people are about their work and what they do to stay at the forefront of technology as we see it today. Whether its from a quote that says “I dare not try to describe the Digital Humanities” or just a small group of people who believe in what they’re doing trying to find a name for something that they created. I know we talked in class about how people in this field of work are really friendly people and this just seems to be proven true over and over again. This field of work isn’t really a cut throat office or a emotionless building full of people who really couldn’t care less about whatever so and so was doing at which time. These people really same genuine about what they do and how they do it.

I’m also continually impressed by the fact that the digital humanities always seems to be in the middle of whatever is going on. The digital humanities take growing technology by the horns and holds on for dear life. I mean, these people are everywhere. Always learning, growing, and following technology to wherever it may end up next. I really like the idea of being at the forefront of a kind of technological war and being able to say that I was there and I witnessed change, as we’ve never seen it before. The idea that I could be a part of something as awesome as the digital humanities revolution, to me would be the best thing ever; something even, to tell grandchildren about.