Whoa! There’s some crazy events unfolding in the history articles! These are dense readings with a lot happening. I guess I’ve really taken for granted growing up with computers and technology. It really wasn’t a very long time ago when scholars were diligently punching cards for computer documentation. It must have been completely foreign and altogether fascinating to be on the ‘front line’ of digital humanities. The innovation required to be the first few to document and share their work is fascinating. It really gives me a sense of motivation. This is where all the good stuff is happening! It was interesting to notice how long it took for DH to evolve into what it is today but at the same time when really considered, the field exploded. DH isn’t a new field, it’s an old one adapted to be something greater, a huge collaborative effort. The internet has exploded and the possibilities that go with it have as well. Applications for DH are exciting.