As I read the The Digital Humanities and Humanities Computing: An Introduction let me tell you, was I confused! I see that most people that have already completed this blog said the same thing, but it is a little over my head. I understood the fact that it sort of defined digital humanities more than I have ever read. This was one of the first times that the reading tried to honestly describe what the concentration of DH really means. It turned the next page to really understand what it means and where DH really all began. As many people know the 90’s was a big time for computers. But from what I read, it also was the beginning of DH online. The 90’s took things from a textbook and were able to show people (who were lucky enough not to have slow dial-up) what was inside each book. This reading also showed me that humanities became an as a discipline in its own right rather than just being a “what?” sort of thing. I did like how the reading said, “The editors intended this collection to serve as a historical record of the field” because that is how I sort of explain DH to people.  The reading was more like a frosting on a cake. After all the baking was done, this reading told about the jist of DH rather than the second that gave a bit of more detail.

The second reading, A History of Humanities Computing stood out in a different way to me. This reading was a little more complex with the way it explained everything. The history of digital humanities, just like the history of anything else, is complicated. Nothing starts out or ends really perfect. People need to sit down and sort things out while trying to be able to explain it to other people. This reading showed the main, well EVERYTHING on the history of this major that we are all involved in. It talks about the 90’s again and how from there people were able to put their ideas online in a more organized place.  The article also speaks of the first mention of DH, which dated back much farther than I thought it was going to. I was glad to see however that there was a mention that, “There are still other areas to be researched in depth” because I do not feel like our major is a baby just waiting to grow, but that everything still has somewhere to go. Not everything is written down, and done.