I liked that the article “‘This is Why We Fight’: Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities” by Lisa Spiro talked about including openness in the values of the Digital Humanities.

I think a lot of other fields don’t focus on collaboration because they want the credit that is given for any new ideas or discoveries.  I am currently taking a Technical Writing class, but it is specifically for Applied Science majors; due to work schedules and an interest in Exercise Science, I was able to add the class.

About a week ago, we were discussing collaboration in the Sciences.  Most researchers in the Sciences do not support collaboration between scientists because they want to be credited for any new discoveries in the field; however, collaboration allows projects to be competed at a faster pace and with  more proficiency.  Also, the researchers that publishes the material is most likely to receive recognition rather than the researcher who found/created the information.

Since DH is a new field, it is important that humanists collaborate and work with one another because they field is new and ever-evolving.  With so many constant changes, especially in technology, it will be important for digital humanists to maintain constant forms of contact.

In order to make any form of work successful, it requires constant and strong communication between the team members.  Communication is especially important in DH because there is a constant flow of new information, some of which may be coming from different continents.  In order to make the new information and communication successful, the team members and collaborators will need to keep an open channel of communication with in order to share the information and advance the information within the field.