It just keeps getting better and better. I liked int eh introduction pages  where it says digital humanities requires building.  It says on page X (10?), “Personally, I think Digital Humanities is about building things…. If you are not making anything, you are not…a digital humanist.” I loved that line. It tells me that we are going to be using information, the old humanities  with a critical eye to develop and make things for the future. Things like, which happens to be something we are analyzing in class.  The introduction blended and flowed really well into the other required readings.  I liked how it talked about creativity as something being a key aspect of the DH. Then the “This is Why We Fight” article went on to talk about the kinds of values that are necessary in DH. And it’s awesome because it all comes back and revolves around how we can all work to be creative and innovative, to make NEW things in the digital world. Using Spiro’s values, and anyone else’s who wants to contribute for that matter, we can gain a means to a means, not a means to an end. I think the DH will be an ongoing process and by defining a values statement we can perform more efficiently in the field. I particularly liked the openness and collegiality and connectedness values. Help each other to help each other. What a novel idea!