Our group was assigned to the Danish Folklore website.  We discussed the content, graphics, and overall appearance of the website.  The technologies the author uses are recreating the archives online it appears that they are just moving from the diary journal style to the online blogging setting.  He put up his diary to give a good idea about what an archaic Danish life was like back before it was possible to share information all over the world.  This site addresses the idea of having people become aware of information that they wouldn’t have had access to before a blog or website was able to help them to get to information.  We think that the website is completed and organized fully to help people gather information; however, it is not very interactive or easy to read. It is really boring and difficult to understand when looking through all of the text. There are many clickable tabs and topics people can look under but it is difficult to derive any meaning from the text. This is because it is really boring and there is a lot of text and not many graphics and even when there are graphics they aren’t even clickable so most people would probably just skip over what is on the site. The designers probably should have incorporated more colorful graphics and made less text in order to grab the attention of the users and make people actually want to read and take in the text from the page. It is more like a textbook and not like anything that anyone is going to want to read on a website.

We have already learned how to make things more appealing for users and here at school; we learn exactly what the general public is looking and what is coming next as far as digital technologies and what people would be interested in. It is not that we should not look into the content and add that, but we would be more interested in the graphics and the general idea of the content instead of all of a textbook. We are a fast – paced generation and we think that we would be more inclined to read something that is shorter and more to the point rather than something with filler words and long, boring paragraphs. We would have added an attention grabber that would draw the users attention and make it more appealing to a wider range of people other than just people who would be forced to read it and an older boring generation.


Jordan, Brittany, Luci, Marissa