For the first question we thought that if you have a visual representation of the data, then you are able to ask more in depth questions about the data. Also, seeing information in visualizations it changes the way you look at a data set, rather than just looking at words on a page. As for the second question, we thought that it is very important how the data is represented and its imperative that it’s displayed that the reader understands and is able to interact with the visual. There can be a very complex idea, and can easily displayed in an image. The most important thing is that it is easily understandable. For example, you would think that from looking at the thumbnails the pictures were just going to be of colorful lines, but in reality it was information for where the German Party Donations go to. And you are able to interact with the photo and are able to look at the specific aspects of the data set.

– Jace, Russell, Katie.