This website had quite a collection of different data visualization projects. One particular project is called “historio” a way of showing the history of a company/trend/event in a clear and appealing way. The whole timeline is arranged in a circular shape; the different years shown in light blue with dots. By clicking on the highlighted areas it will then give you more information on that certain point in time. There are side boxes that appear on the right, and offer picture, facts, and any more information about that event. This particular timeline was showing the history of IBM, and displayed information as far back as 1911! That is alot of history for a company, so their data visualization needs a clear, understandable, and welcoming way to display information so that anyone can access it.
The data is represented pretty well, it’s interesting to see a timeline in a circle for data visualization rather than a straight line, so I think that brings about new questions. Having the data change and alter to what you want to see is also an effective tool to engage the person learning about the company. Historio is appealing in the same way that prezi is more appealing than a powerpoint–it’s just kind of fun.
– Theresa Ptak, Ariel Kraemer, Vicki Bedard, Adam Jennings