A nearby community hosts a 3-day country concert with proceeds supporting local organizations.

StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter

Near the bottom, right corner of the webpage, you’ll find a link to whos.amung.us

– a website that tracks traffic on a website and shows in real-time how many users are looking at the website. It also has widgets for past activity. This time of the year, there will be limited activity, but around concert time, the site is humming. There are several options for viewing current and historic activity. User activity can be show on graphs, on maps with widgets, or as hotspots. This is the free version. Of course the commercial version is provides a wealth more of information. If you want a quick look at the activity on your website, this is a good place to start.


www.whosamungus.com has a free application that gives you “Free real-time stats for your website or BLOG”. We can actually track of often users are on our engl335digitalhumanities blog! Of course, they have a professional version that you can purchase, as well. The SSC website uses the free version.