I absolutely love this concept of breathing fresh air into these famous works of art from the past. I remember reading Shakespeare in ninth grade and my teacher had to stop every few sentences just to explain what is going on. We all knew the general concept of the story but the old english was just too confusing. It was literally a different language it might as well be latin! Traditionally people would have to read through long confusing texts but the great thing about digital humanities, in my opinion, is that we no longer have to pretend we understand what these scholars are saying. Digital humanities does the work for you, it converts the old to the new. We do not speak in old english anymore but why should we be denied works of art? It’s great for the people who have masters degrees in Shakespearean literature but the rest of us aren’t as lucky. We can still enjoy this entertainment but in a new and exciting way. To add on to that its also really funny to see how people spin these stories, or make it some sort of joke. It really is a new form of entertainment. Digital humanities is making old topics interesting and fun again, its a great time to be apart of this concept.