Fictional life building started very textual in about the 1980’s and 90’s. For some reason we find pleasure in virtual worlds and I do not think I could explain why but I can for sure agree with it. Personally when I was younger, Probably between the age of 8 and 13, I spent hours on the computer. (The huge box computers with the monitors that had the huge backs). What was I doing? Well I wasn’t on Facebook, I wasn’t tweeting, and I did not have a “pin it” button. I was playing The Sims. I loved creating these families, choosing who was in them, what their names where, and what they looked like. I could Make a family just like my real one or I could mix it up and have either just a couple ( cause they could make babies later) or have a family with a lot of kids. I could dress them realistically or I could make them freaky looking. For me, creating that families was a long process for me. I could even choose their personalities! I was playing dress up by starting from scratch, and I loved it. Next was almost even more fun. #houseshopping which is so much more difficult in real life btw. I could either pick a pre-built house for a price or build my own. It really depended on my mood. Do I want to start bossing these people around right away or can I wait and do some interior design fist. With the limiting amount of money, sometimes you have to take a break from making the house and make the dad go to work. OR I could use the cheat and get an unlimited amount of money. I still remember that one of the cheats was “rosebud” with some punctuation pattern following it. Once I cheated my way to $999,999,999  even if I spent money, my bank account would remain the same. After finding the cheat sometimes I would challenge my self to create a family and build a house with out cheating. I had so much free time as a child and this allowed me to have the time to have “virtual families” but as i grew older I not only was filling my time with other, (way more productive) activities, I also grew bored and old of The Sims. It was fun while it lasted and I know they came out with many different kids because i would get them for presents, and I sometimes would go back to them from time to time. They now have apps. that you can buy on iPads and get your sims fix on the go but I feel that the virtual world has evolved so much and there now even more time consuming things.