World of Warcraft. Yes, I used to play this game. A lot.  However, when I got to college last year I realized how huge of a time waster it really was. To me, it was just a hobby. It was always so much fun. Last year I had the opportunity to study the economics within the game as a class project. So naturally, the assigned readings this week were fascinating to me! Never before have I considered WoW (World of Warcraft) as a topic of scholarly study! I’ve easily put in over a month of cumulative play time (720 hours) into the game, and many of the 9 million players have logged much, much more time than I have. I was actually a fairly “casual” player when it came down to it. But if you want to be competitive with other players, it’s necessary to put in enough time to keep ‘up to date’ with in game equipment and skills. I love that we analyzed games in class. It made me realize that the game is rich with humanities questions that haven’t been addressed yet. This is DH! I actually found out there is an academic journal that studies virtual worlds! Score! Now we can learn what makes this game so addicting. Why do people behave the way they do in games? What are the implications of the massive economy? Image