I think there are some definite advantages to writing for the internet. Speed, accuracy, and accessibility are several components that really aid the process of digital writing. It’s much faster than hand-writing everything, and with software programs in this age, you can really customize your workflow to work efficiently. Digital writing is also very accurate because of tools like Spell Check and other tools to edit your work. Lastly, when your writing in a digital way, you can complete your work faster and also submit your work for critique in a more efficient way. We have tools like dropbox.com, a place to submit your work online and share with others. Not to mention email and other file-orginization sites. In comparison, writing for printed materials could be argued as more physically demanding. There is a lot of pressure to produce good work, because that is the only way people will really catch on to your book/newsaper/printed material. With digital writing or writing for the internet, there is a higher chance to get your work viewed by random people through web surfing or search tags. You can post your work online to facebook, submit to online articles, and other forms of getting your work ‘out there’. Being an author however is much more physically demanding in writing style. It is harder to get your work noticed, because people (unfortunately) are drawing farther and farther away from reading a physical book. As many people have mentioned, people want fast, quick, and scannable material. Reading a book in comparison might seem like a lifetime of information to get through simply because of the intimidating format. I myself adore reading a physical book, holding the literature in my hands and smelling the pages of the book :O) As mentioned in the article of the website line “Brittle Paper”      http://brittlepaper.com/2010/08/electronic-literature/



I think the bottom line here is that ” people are reading differently…”. For me, I sometimes find it frustrating that people don’t appreciate books, but then there are many advantages to say, a kindle. It’s less to carry, you can load more of your favorite classics onto the device, and it will last many more years.