I know this whole discussion has been about creating multi-media books and accessing books on-line with computers, Kindles, and smartphones. I want to add another digital source that is somewhat one-dimensional, but digital just the same – audio books. I spend a LOT of time in my car for my job and the political slam ads pushed me over the edge. I’ve listened to Chapter a Day on public radio for a long time. Now, I’ve taken to listening to audio books while I drive. It is such a rich experience. I’m anxious to get back in the car to pick up where I left off. I can’t imagine ‘reading’ The Help any other way. When you read, you can imagine the inflections, accents and emotions being portrayed. When you ‘hear’ the book, it seems to come alive. The Help was read by 4 actors. Most books are read by one actor who changes the voices for the different characters. Keeping up with my classes has been made a bit easier, too. I also upload the Tegrity captures as podcasts and broadcast them through my radio speakers so I can listen to them while I drive, too.