This article from Digital Humanities Quarterly explores the Digital Humanities and what it’s all about. In a way, I think it’s similar to a manifesto because it tells the definition, beliefs, and goals of the Digital Humanities. Even though there really is no set definition of what Digital Humanities really is, I really liked the definition that was stated in paragraph 20.

Digital Humanities is not a unified field but an array of convergent practices that explore a universe in which: a) print is no longer the exclusive or the normative medium in which knowledge is produced and/or disseminated; instead, print finds itself absorbed into new, multimedia configurations; and b) digital tools, techniques, and media have altered the production and dissemination of knowledge in the arts, human and social sciences.

I like this so much because it’s very straight forward. I like how it mentions that Digital Humanities is “an array of convergent practices” instead of just a field. This shows that Digital Humanities is so diverse and needed, especially in the way our world is starting to become so involved with technology. I think working in the Digital Humanities will give you so many different job opportunities and since it is still emerging I think it will always keep you  learning and working on something new.

The Digital Humanities will never be boring and this article explains why. The concluding section mentions this:

The territory of the digital humanities is currently under negotiation. While there is no doubt that the field is expanding, it is not entirely clear what is included and how the landscape can be understood or structured. We are undoubtedly at an exciting and challenging point in time with regards to the area loosely described by the term digital humanities. As we have seen, the current landscape is multifaceted and characterized by a range of epistemic traditions and modes of engagement, and while there is a great deal of overlap and common interests, there is also a need of increased shared awareness.

There’s no doubt that Digital Humanities is becoming more known to the world. This article definitely helped me better understand the Digital Humanities.