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So there’s all this talk about Youtube adding channels that cater to specific needs and this idea of Internet TV. The idea being a place on the internet you can watch shows that are released on a schedule, or on your liesure.

This reminds me of the podcasting networks I’ve come across. Things like TWiT or FrogPants Studios or Revision3. All of these places release shows on a set schedule and keep the channel going. Some even let you watch the episodes happen live, with the host in front of the cameras.

Mind you most of these podcast aren’t TV shows like you’d think. They tend to be talk shows and the like geared towards a specific audience.

So my question to you people is this. Do you think internet TV will ever take off with the popularity of regular TV? Aside from Netflix or HuluPlus do you see yourself watching the internet at a specific time for a specific show?