The article “Landscape of Digital Humanities” by Patrik Svensson appeared to be a halfway point between an informational essay and a manifesto; at least that’s how it appeared to me.  The reasoning behind this medium clarification is because Svensson incorporated research work, such as the interviews with DH staff, but also because he was expressing his opinion on the topic of the digital humanities.

I felt like the author was poking fun at the digital humanities, while trying to prove that it isn’t a valid field through various research and opinion tactics.  I think had he focused solely on his opinion and touched on specific examples, I would respect his work as a manifesto; however, it seemed as though he was trying to conduct research and focus in on very specific aspects of certain situations.

Although I don’t agree with Svensson’s declaration of the digital humanities, I respect his approach to declaring his reasoning/supportive material.  He does an excellent job drawing on points or areas that may still be fuzzy, structurally undeclared in the DH because it is such a new field.  He does bring across many strong points, but I think he is overall lacking in an understanding of what DH is and what this new field is trying to accomplish (perhaps I am biased because DH is a concentration of mine and I have done research into for class/I am continually learning about it).