The question being proposed is, is Patrik Svensson’s ‘article’ a manifesto? For me to answer this question I have to ask what isn’t a manifesto? From our rubric it states that in a manifesto you need to:

▪   Clarify your beliefs

▪   Examine your motivations

▪   Create personal “policies”

▪   Describe what kind of world you’d like to live in

▪   Write down your goals

But what throws me off is this sentence “This is the second article in a four-part series exploring the intersection of the humanities and the digital.” Can a manifesto be a series? We never really learn what a manifesto can’t be we just know it has to be a public declaration of your beliefs and motivations.

After reading this article I feel like it was more of an explanation of what the digital humanities are not what he believes he could do with the digital humanities. He does state his opinions about the digital humanities like at one point he claims the digital humanities aren’t even a concentration let alone a field.

Yes he is entitled to his opinion regarding the digital humanities and yes that does fall into a ‘belief’ category but I am still a little skeptical.

Another reason I am skeptical as to if this is truly a manifesto is because it is not set up like a usual manifesto we have seen in class. Not that a manifesto has to be set up in a certain way but so far the ones we have seen have a certain line up to them. They usually start out with a declaration or a definition or both and he does not do that. He starts out with an introduction, which is normal but then he goes to outline what the ‘article’ is about which leads me to think of it as more of an academic journal than a manifesto.

So under my opinion would I categorize this as a manifesto? No necessarily, but who am I to decide what a manifesto is I just learned about them the other day. As of now I don’t believe this is a true manifesto.