Weel, here I am, actually doing my post an entire 24 hours ahead of time. What is my world coming to!? But seriously, I’m cranking on most of my assignments this week, and while I still don’t quite know where I’m going with my own personal manifesto, it’s going in the direction of “rules for myself to survive senior year and get into grad school”. I’m starting with the prompted list of statements from the lifehacker assignment:

  • I believe that everyone _______ (has these qualities and rights).
  • I believe it is important to _______ (do certain things).
  • In my world, people treat each other _______ (in these ways).
  • In my world, _______ (describe the environment, economy, etc).
  • My personal policy is _______ (to behave a certain way).
  • I believe that I am uniquely equipped to _______ (do something).
  • My overarching personal goal is _______ (add sub-goals if desired).
  • My overall business/career goal is _______ (add sub-goals if desired).

And have come up with some of the following statements:

  • Productive and Innovative research is the primary focus of my personal DH experience.
  • I believe that all those who wish to engage in DH should be welcomed; this is a (comparatively) small field in a very large context–the Internet pervades daily life in the “first world” and through DH it (the internet) should be given a place of respect for scholarly work.
  • In our modern world, due to ease of access (and eventually due to ecological necessity) physical print distribution will be rendered obsolete–despite our resistance, this is a reality–and thus, the practice of digital dissemination from all fields of study should, and furthermore needs to be, practiced.
  • (And just because it’s me) My overarching personal goal is to insert myself into a humanities field of study in which I am capable and expected to do digital-based research. (More parenthetical statements! I’m currently embarking on Linguistic research–I’d like to keep it going!)

thats all for now, folks.