I think that my understanding of the Digital Humanities has grown quite a lot since i started this class. I know now that there are so many different fields of work that i can go into and there are so many people that are already a part of this career choice. I believe that my desire to go into a marketing field with this major is definitely something that can be accomplished and something that others have already done. I know that my understanding has benefited from this class as well because i now know that the Digital Humanities is constantly changing and growing into something new everyday. I think i’m going to incorporate a lot of that into my manifesto as well. The Digital Humanities is something that needs to not be constricted but instead let flourish and see where it ends up. I think that a lot of people are really excited about where this field is going and i personally cannot wait to see what comes out of all of these awesome opportunities that the digital humanities supplies for people. Such great things are already happening that i cant imagine it ever stopping. I know that the Digital Humanities requires collaboration and passion just like in the manifesto. I also know that everyone needs a Digital Humanist and part of the fun is telling people something that they dont know but need to understand. This group of people is here to stay and cannot be stopped just because we may not be very well known yet. The process is already in motion and i think soon more people will be filtering into this major and it will be more spread out through colleges so people can participate as well. i’m glad that I decided to go into this major and will be part of the revolutionary acts that i think will definitely change how the world looks at technology and people that are savvy with it.