Like LIFE, this Manifesto is a work in progress —
  1. forge ahead – That is what I did when I decided on this PCEM major. Earning my Bachelor degree has always been on the horizon. It is a challenge, at times, while working full time.
  2. look back – Learn from what you have done – not only from mistakes but from what you have accomplished. Take an inventory. Decide what you like and what you don’t like.
  3. Listen – You learn a lot.
  4. don’t whine – Enough said.
  5. give yourself a break – If something didn’t work, move on. Be reasonable in your expectations of yourself.
  6. throw an idea (sometimes throw it out) – Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work. Recognize that and move on.
  7. explore – break out – Try new things. Meet new people. I didn’t know much about this major when I enrolled. The more classes I take, the more I like it.
  8. push yourself – It is uncomfortable, but oh, so rewarding.
  9. join in – Jump in with both feet. You will find out if you like it, OR, if you don’t – then go from there.
  10. give back – Share what you have – it doesn’t have to be money.
  11. move on – my job ends in December. I’ve been working in digital humanities, somewhat by default. It was not a direction at the time, but an opportunity to try something new. It just happens to fit in my degree program. This class is important in my search. I’m open to
  12. surround yourself with like-minded people – That is part of what taking these classes is all about. Look for jobs in places or fields where you would genuinely like to work. Volunteer and support organizations that are important to you.
  13. take time to play – Take a break from time to time. It is easy to keep on pushing, but play-time is time to regenerate and build relationships outside your ‘work’ realm.

Like LIFE, this Manifesto is a work in progress —  Bottom line – I don’t have a definite direction. I’m taking these classes to learn what Digital Humanities are all about, to see what is out there, and to see what really piques my interest. I’m doing a double concentration, the other is Technical writing. It gives me a broader base and more flexibility. Sometimes being to broad – not specializing a little more – is a drawback for me. I think that what we are learning is part of every profession and every business – as well as our everyday lives. I come at this from a bit different perspective than most of the students. As recent high school graduates, they are looking ahead at all of the possibilities. I have lots of experience to draw from and a limited window of opportunity to apply this.