I was at a seminar this week, which was interesting, but the seminar next to ours caught my eye. It was a CESA seminar and one of the presentations was Using and Creating Apps in School-Based Practice by an DeLana Hornaker, OTR, PhD, who incorporates technology into educational/treatment programs for children with special needs focusing on tailoring OT/PT/SLPT (Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Pathology Therapies) that respond to each individual childs’ needs. Among her objectives are for users to identify the best application platform to develop the idea, and ‘to learn how to bring an app idea to fruition.’  Hornaker has apps that are available through the iTunes:

Hornaker has added a new word to the Digital Humanities lexicon – Appreneurs

This is how she defines it:

  • A growing group of entrepreneurs who are developing and selling apps
  • Not necessarily programmers
  • Not necessarily designers
  • Often creative
  • Good analysts (in her profession, activity analysis)
  • Interested in making life more fun or easier for themselves and others

(I have a power point printout of her presentation if anyone is interested.)


Then – on the polar opposite side of the spectrum, ABC’s Nightline has a recent report on the impact of social media on gang violence. ABC News is quoted as saying: “Gang members, some of whom are aspiring rappers, often use Facebook, Twitter, Hipstar, MySpace, Youtube and other social media outlets to spread inflammatory messages and encourage rival gangs to respond. Police officers have even found password-protected, gang-related websites that are used to recruit members, inform members about meetings or parties and even commit crimes, according to the Chicago Crime Commission.”