I thought this was kind of funny and also very relatable, not only to our class but also to the new world with technology blooming all around it. I feel like a lot of people still go on the internet and post stupid pictures of cats, and them doing equally as stupid things themselves. However, i think a vast new majority of people go on the internet to express opinions and show themselves off as smart, instead of stupid. A lot now a days people go on twitter, and wordpress, and facebook to explain their views and comment on important things that we all think should matter in this fast paced world. I believe that we seriously have to ask ourselves what we’re posting and why it is important to do so. Whether we are just stating an opinion or commenting on some recent tragic event, or just complaining because we have a lot of homework to do or because the rain ruined our hair. Boys, I’m talking to you too. Not only do we have to worry about our peers judging and critiquing us on our opinions and facts but we also have to look intelligent to potential employers. The internet world has moved from being solely ruled by felines and may be moving in a more professional and organized state. Which, depending on who you ask, may be for the better or worse. So girls, take those duck faces off your profile pictures and stop taking so many shots.. no literally stop taking so many shots. Or at least dont put them on facebook(; And boys, no one wants to see your car. Not even your potential employer.