To me, Twitter is oh so confusing! I just recently got Twitter and I understood hash-tagging and that was about it. To me, Twitter is/was total pointless babbling. I like how the author used Twitter as the digital “backchannel” of communication. I totally can see the relation to Twitter and pointless chatter because I see Twitter as something that is just there for people to complain, however that is totally how Facebook is too! However, I can also see Twitter as a helpful study guide for future digital humanities, aka what was trending in Oct 2012 and like how we saw that one DH watched the trend of relationship break up’s on Facebook. There are so many things that there are able to watch when researching about Twitter and the history of Twitter, like when certain people created a account or certain people deleted their accounts. I think that that sort of thing is super interesting for researchers! I think that everything about Twitter does have a purpose and there is a reason while social media has taken over! People love to talk about themselves and what better way to talk about yourself, than tweeting or blogging?!