I, like everyone else it seems, read the article ‘Pointless Babble or Enabled Backchannel.’ I thought it was very interesting considering the twists that twitter has taken lately. From hearing Matt speak about how Progressive was almost put out of business because of a failed tweeting mechanism to knowing how twitter is being incorporated into educational degrees and even still just used for leisure. I think watching Twitter now and seeing how it grows and develops is going to be very interesting. I also think that people need to understand all the different advantages Twitter has on society now and what it can do for us in the future. For example, the author studies how tweets are used when in response to a speech and what kind of tweets are being posted, how frequently, and to what quality. She found overall that twitter and the DH community creates a sense of collaboration and thoughtfulness that she comments would not be found if not for Twitter. She said that most people created their own original posts with only a small percentage of those tweets being retweeted and even more people were responding, debating, and questioning other tweets that were being posted during the speech and after. I think that this sense of collaboration and instafeedback is very interesting and i think that a lot of useful data can be and probably already has been pulled out of these small surveys.

I also thought it was really interesting that she was using a corpus tool in order to pull out the most used words or just to see trends in the texts because that is what i’m doing in one of my classes. Its really interesting to see that people actually use these programs for real-life studies and i’m not just using it for a homework assignment that i have to finish by midnight. Its fun to see that some of the activities that i’m doing in class are also being reflected in a ‘real-life’ situation and i may actually use these skills just yet!

I also think this study on the Twitter feeds is really interesting because i’m currently doing a research study on a few people that involves the use of social media and how language changes based on the context of a conversation. I want to see if people’s language will change based on a face to face interaction or solely over the computer. I think social media has a large affect on people these days and i believe that my study will bring in some really interesting ideas to my research. Its so weird to see all of this stuff that i’m doing reflected in what others are doing around the world.