So, I, like the posters before me, really don’t get Twitter. After reading the Pointless Babble article I kind of get it, but not the way I thought most people used it. The idea of tracking it to find the hot topics at a conference sounds really cool to me–but seeing as most people don’t use it that way…what’s the point? I don’t really get the whole facebook and twitter and and and twelve million different places to post all the same information that most people seem to use social networking for. I tend to use FB to promote stuff, and I have completely forgotten about my G+ account…and I had twitter for a while to use the direct messaging feature between my canadian friends on our phones so we didnt have to pay for texting. And then I got an international plan. So really…I just use facebook and I don’t understand the rest of it.

So I guess, my bigger reaction to this is “Why do we all have thirty million different accounts for social networking that we all post the same back-tracks to our lives on?”