First off I would like to share a random thought that I really enjoyed reading from the back of this book for some reason I am unsure of. In the “Trending: The Promises and the challenges of big social data,” there was both stats and ideas. Manovich says that he expects the number of photos uploaded on facebook daily is  larger than all artifacts stored in all the worlds museums. That is a lot of photos and its only the ones on facebook in one day! its called “big data” for a reason; there is so much of it! There are hundreds of programs where one can upload and share photos and facebook is just one of them. Then there is all the like of the photos and comments and shares. do not even get me started about Google. They record every single thing that anyone has ever looked up. think about how many times you have Googled and then times that by the Google user population. mind blown. Large amounts of data have always been collected but because of the nature of the internet, it was taking data collection to a new level. Patterns are created to organize the information and formulas help the researchers either attempt to keep up or at least get through as much in as short of a time. The compairison of the U.S. and Russia that Manovich makes is very interesting and points out a large flaw in big data. everything back in the 1970 in the USSR was propaganda and there for does not truly represent the feelings of the people. In the U.S. we have the right to free speech so it is easier to translate statistics and know that they are close to the truth.