Since the articles for this week have been talking about online learning, I decided to do my open post on the same subject.  Below is a video that I feel pretty much sums up what happens when I have homework online and stumble onto something that “looks interesting”:

I thought this video represented the things that usually distract me: food, drawing, and technology.  I typically find technology to be more distracting. Perhaps it’s the media lover in me, but I’m always checking out Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and the news to see what has happened so far that day.  Although this is great for mental stimulation, it’s not so great for my homework.

I’ve found that if I am working on my homework, it’s better if I plan out a set amount of time to focus on it and sit down with Pandora, I get much more accomplished.

Limiting the distractions and setting up a space where I solely focus on one assignment with minimal distractions has definitely made a difference in how long it takes me to do my homework and the quality of work that I am producing.