I read the article “Tweet, Tweet, Retweet: conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter,” and it does a nice job of breaking down a retweet in every possible way. The categorize twitter as a microblog and this makes so much sense. it really is just a mini blog. Specifically to retweeting the article describes it as conversational practice. It is copying something and rebroadcasting it. retweeting can often lead to altered messages down the road because of all the different ways a tweet can be retweeted or quoted. Also, original authors can be lost through the time line. This article really brings to light to main reasons for a person to retweet but it also gives some interesting background that answers some questions. for example: Why is there a maximum of 140 characters? because the network was originally designed for tweets to be “shared via SMS.” Now getting to why people retweet, and how that is different from @replies and #hashtags. There is no universal argument for a retweet, but is agreed that it is similar to forwarding an e-mail “due to its unique content or insight.” just like email chain letters, tweets can be retweeted by more than one person.

This is an example of a retweet by someone I follow, and it has also been retweeted by 369 other people.
some people add additional content when they retweet by quoting the tweet and adding more either before or after. The quote the tweet at time so that their followers can have some context of what they tweet is about if they have not been in the conversation.

This is an example of someone who quoted me in their tweet so that what they were adding would make sence and you would not have to complete the second step of looking at the conversation to understand the tweet.

When there are modifications to a tweet is when there can be a transformation of a meaning that the original author did not intend. Sometime recognizing who is being addressed and who is being cited can also be an issue. When the word “I” is in a retweet, who is the subject the “I” is referring too? the “retweeter or the retweeted?”

This was one of my tweets that was retweeted by one of my followers.

To my understanding, my follower is either agreeing that “gravity is just too much,” for them or they could just be notifying me that they are in fact “listening.”

There can be many reasons that someone retweets and it really is a personal choice that reflects your account. There will never be one reason for a retweet.