I read the article, “Is it Really About Me? Message Content in Social Awareness Streams” by Mor Naaman, Jeffrey Boase, Chih-Hui Lai. In this article, I read about the idea’s that people who have the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and regularly use it to update their lives to their “friends” who they may or may not know in the real world. The article states how people are able to update their status to certain people and set privacy settings, but by default on both Facebook and Twitter it is to every single person out their who wishes to view it. People who are unaware of this will just update it and not think anything of it, even if the person who it was about is their “friend”.

The article goes on to talk about how the authors used coding and how they were able to depict user’s updates and whom the updates were shown to. The article says how the authors wanted to, “identify different types of user activity, specifically focusing on message content and its relationship to patterns of use.” I think that it would be cool to see who I post to the most, as well as who I message the most.