I read the article “8%of online Americans use Twitter”. As I was reading this article by, Aaron Smith and Lee Rainie I was so surprised to hear that in 2008 the question was asked to American’s who use the Internet, “Do you use the Internet to use Twitter…” and only a mere 6% of American’s said “yes” they do. Well then two years later the same question was asked to American’s who use the Internet and the reply was 24% of people who said “yes”. That difference was pointed out that the fact that Twitter is used for not only tweets nowadays, but for things such as the news, elections, and entertainment rather that tweeting about going to McDonald’s. Then again in 2010 the question was asked just to online using adults about Twitter and the percent was only a mere 8% that said yes to using Twitter with only 2% saying daily. There were tables shown that the authors came up with saying that only 10% of women use Twitter and that Hispanic’s were in the highest percent of using Twitter in America at 18% where whites were at only 5% and when it came to where Twitter users lived the urban area took the cake with 11% compared to 5%. However, when these questions were asked to young adults (18-29) the percentages were much higher and young people were more likely to Tweet while well educated white women were up there as well. As I read further into the article, I found out that if one does have Twitter, they are using/checking it up 10 times a day, and that was 25% of people.

As we are in the elections currently, most Tweets are being tweeted about the elections and who people will vote for, but in 2010 72% of users admitted to only Tweet about their daily lives rather than the news. While I understand this paper was written in 2010, I believe that the article would have differed if it would have be written now during the elections and we would see that people would tweet more about the elections rather than themselves. All in all, I was able to find out that not everyone is using Twitter like I came to believe. I was able to read that I am not 1% of people who doesn’t really use it, but that there are only 8% of people who do.