I chose the article “Trick or Tweet: How usable is Twitter for first time users?” I thought this would be a really interesting article to read because I, among others, am really bad at using Twitter and have never really gotten into using the website. I was interested in how other people handled the new networking interface and how usable it was for them. It was really nice to find out that I’m not the only one that doesn’t know how to operate this new complicated system. The study asked 13 people to go on the website and create an account, change their profile, post a tweet, reply to someones tweet, and delete their account. Everything mostly went well except for the tweeting and replying to tweets part, which I must say is the most confusing part for me too. People made an account fine, and deleted it with ease. However, the problems occurred when people tried to actually use the most important feature of the website: Tweeting. I’ve got to agree that this is the most confusing feature to use on the website but thats probably just because its so much different than any other social networking site we have ever seen. I mean really, Facebook and Myspace and really alike. The private messages, the status posting and the profile viewing. This new Twitter site is something completely different than what we have encountered before. I think that if people didn’t jump on the bandwagon right when the site opened in 2006 than i think the site now is a lost cause. People who are used to it, know it, and dont have a problem with it probably started using it a long time ago. It’s us people who are finally realizing the potential of Twitter that cant understand how to use it now. It kind of makes me feel old and out of touch with technology, which is definitely a new thing for me. So maybe i’ll stick with Twitter and finally figure out how to use it efficiently without feeling like a complete idiot but i feel like Twitter was designed to keep us out of the loop.