Okay I know that this is just a lame meme that I found on a Google search but it gave me a flash back to my summer. I was doing an internship for a very small business and she hired me to help her with the odds an ends of the daily work but I also spent time builder her social networks and gaining the name more follower on twitter and likes on Facebook. I had a list of potential clients that she had sent mailings out to a I was going and seeing if they had either network and if they did I would either follow or like them, trying them to recognize the name and then eventually follow me back. The types of businesses I was looking up were things like specialty gift shops, magazines, and winery with gift shops. I would get so frustrated when I could not find a site for someone or I would find their Facebook but no twitter. I also was frustrated when I found the Facebook and they did not have their twitter @name in their profile, if there was an account, I had to take the extra step to look it up instead of easily clicking a provided link. Anyways, that is why this meme was interesting to me!