I’m off to the polls Tuesday, but not to vote. I’ve already done that. I collect exit poll information for Edison Research. When you hear radio or tv news broadcasters report what the exit polls are saying – that is the information I’ll be collecting. This is the 3rd general election I’m doing this for. I also do other research projects for Edison.  I post copies of the surveys tomorrow after the election (proprietary until then), and my observations. Four years ago, it was interesting to watch the demographic swing from Democrat to Republican and back to Democrat by the type of voters in the morning, at midday and during the afterwork hours – working people voting on their way to work – older, retired people – and the after work and student crowd.

We collect the information manually, approaching voters after they have voted and inviting them to complete a confidential questionnaire. We report our results three times during the day and and after the votes are counted. It is tabulated electronically as we report it.

So – listen for us Tuesday!!