This presidential election has been the most tweeted event ever in this history of Twitter. Twitter ruled this election, the instant one of the politicians made a mistake it became a meme on the Internet whether it was a binder full of women or comforting Big Bird. Every time I looked at Twitter, especially within the last month, all I saw were political opinions. Tuesday evening I did not watch T.V I didn’t have to everything I wanted to know was being posted on Twitter. In I only found out Obama won because of Twitter

This is just part of my newsfeed from Tuesday night. New York Times tweeted this really interesting story about how Obama was re-elected. Here is where you can take a look. The thing I found most interesting is this article says the young people’s vote is what really mattered. Romney had a huge shift as seen at the top of the page but it wasn’t enough. Young people were still voting for Obama and I fully believe that if young people weren’t so motivated and passionate about voting Obama would not have been re-elected. The young vote helped him win the swing states he needed to be re-elected. Also noted in this article the hispanic vote really helped grant Obama his victory. There was a significant increase in the hispanic population in Florida from 2008-2012. The fact that he gained the Hispanic vote helped him win Florida all around. The only reason I know any of this information is because of Social media. I found this article because of Twitter. I was surprised to learn some people’s views, I would never expect certain people to have the beliefs that they do but I know now because of Twitter, and it’s shocking. This is just another aspect of Twitter you learn a lot about a person from their tweeting.