Here is a link I found talking about how social media played a role in the 2012 election. It talks about posting pictures of the lines, ballads, and the “I voted” stickers everyone received. I thought it was funny that some people put the sticker on their dogs, I wish I had seen some of those pictures! It also mentions that after Obama won he posted a tweet saying “Four more years.” The post was retweeted more that 225,000 times making it the most popular tweet of all time. Personally, I saw that #voteobama was trending all day on Twitter. Obama was also posting a lot of tweets about the election throughout the day, I even saw bursts of tweets where he would post every minute. I wasn’t watching the election on TV but I was on Twitter and Facebook the whole time. Every post I saw was about the election and some people were even arguing over Facebook about it. I saw the picture below posted on Twitter and I thought it was really funny. Definitely one of my favorites haha!