I know I know it’s not like it is breaking news to say that Twitter runs the world, but after posting about the election I truly realized how much Twitter runs MY life. I don’t watch the news, unless you count E!, I don’t watch debates, I don’t read the newspaper or articles on CNN. I look at Twitter. I learned that Halo 4 came out on the same day as the election. Do I care that Halo 4 came out on Tuesday? Not really but it’s news to me. This article talks about how important the sharing of news is. However, I think it is interesting that this study was done is 2011 and written in 2012 and it’s already out of date! It says “At the moment, Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter, dominate this intersection of social media and news.” We all know that Twitter is in the lead right now, it is just funny how technology changes so quickly the studies are out of date before they are published.