I hoppedTumblr on Tuesday night and was bombarded with posts about Barack Obama.  So after seeing that, I logged onto Twitter and saw a bunch of hash tags; I clicked about five down to a hash tag that read: #ImSickOf.  I thought that it might be interesting to read through them, so I clicked and scrolled through.  About three scrolls down, I came to a very alarming post from a user named @Shelly_Smyth.  I clicked on her name to see if the post was a sick joke and much to my surprise, it wasn’t.

According to the information at the top of her account, Shelly is a 14-year-old blonde girl and One Direction fanatic and according to her posts, Shelly is extremely racist.  So I continued to scroll through and was disgusted by the posts I saw, many of which sounded something like:

If you wish, Shelly has lots of posts (I warn you now, they are very vulgar) that you can check out to inform yourself more.  I decided to post this because even though we often see social media as a great way to market/promote something (especially during the election), it’s also important to remember that there is always a negative side.  This account and among many others (look at all the retweets and favorites from just this post) are bashing groups of people for what a trait they cannot change.  It honestly disgusted me to read these posts and see all the posts that were supportive of this young girl.

Although there were rumors about the account being a fake, no proof has been shown and the posts continue to come.  I think this all ties into this week’s post because:

  • Shelly mainly talks about politics in her posts
  • Her mode of communication is via social media
  • She is using the connectedness of DH to spread hate.

It’s a shame to see such a young girl posting such ignorant, racist things and receiving support from thousands of people.

This girl has tweeted hateful, racist comments to Barak Obama and other African American people with twitter accounts, like 50 Cent.  So, my question for you all is, do you think there should be a way for people to monitor something like this on social media? Where is the line between ethics and freedom of speech??