CNN Takes the Win for 4th Year in a Row!

Social media was most certainly the key to how people kept up with the election of 2012. When it comes to what TV station was most tuned into, CNN takes the cake over competitors like, FOX and NBC. In the article that talks about the news stations it shows that CNN covered pretty much everything from, “polls closing to concession and victory speech coverage” better than it’s competition. Through not only the TV aspect, but also online, CNN won it’s 4-year in a row online award, with 203 million page views and over 23 million being different viewers. When it comes to on election day, CNN won yet again, even though FOX and NBC came to a close second. It was mentioned that ABC was surprisingly not in the #1 spot because of Diane Sawyer’s “strange performance.” Social media, has become such a big aspect in the election of 2012 and it is only predicted to keep going upward! People updates statuses on Facebook and re-tweet on Twitter faster than you can blink an eye. I will not lie, I watched ABC during the election because I loved the visual’s, and how everything was shown in colors! When it comes to social media and the election, the only place it is going, is up.