Social Media as the Predictor?

Today everyone knows who the president of the United States, but about a week ago it was still up in the air. With social media buzzing about who will be the next president, many people believe that social media was the predictor of who was going to win in this election. The reason being is because, researchers were able to look at tweets and statues and research who’s name was mentioned more in a positive matter. That outcome? Your president to this day,  Obama. He dominated the social buzz and crushed his opponent in the day of the election. The reason so many people believe that social media had such a large part to do with it was because of the gateway that it opens. People are able to follow the candidates and like their pages on Facebook, as funny as that sounds with people complaining about all the ads on the tv and radio. The authors of websites showed that the number of tweets from a certain state about a certain candidate proved to show who was going to win that state. For example, Obama proved to win Ohio and after looking at the tweets from people in that state he was sure to win it from the outlook of social media. When it comes to social media, there is more power than people think!