Did you post on your Facebook page or tweet after you voted?





If you did, then you were part of Crowdwire’s Live Social Media Exit Poll that followed Twitter and Facebook voters. They collected data for a 24 hour period on election day. Some voters chose to share who their vote was cast for. This is what they found:

 Crowdwire notes this about their poll:

This is obviously not a mirror of the voting public, or a reflection of how the public at large is voting today. Rather, it reflects the particular slice of the public who are social-media users. Imagine that a new state has just been added to the union. In terms of population, it’s a big California-sized state, but it has no geographic location. Its residents are famous for having a lot to say about politics and other subjects. Our exit poll is a live dispatch from the state called Social Media where, as the graph shows, the voting is now underway!

Crowdwire compared the top political candidates to the top nearly 600 consumer brands in terms of social media awareness. Just days before the election, this was their Top 10 brand ranking:


Crowdwire says this about their research:

The Crowdwire was created to provide fresh insights into the 2012 presidential election and other topics through data-driven analysis of the social-media conversation.