Social media habit, that is. The report, The Social Habit was presented in June 2012 at Blogworld NY by the Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research, Tom Webster. It contains all you want to know about how the use of social media is growing by leaps and bounds, and more. Edison Research studied “how Americans 12+ use social media (including platforms such as Facebook and Twitter), Social commerce and mobile social networking.”

Some of the reports you can find on the Edison Research website include Moms and the Media 2012, The Smartphone Consumer 2012 and The Infinite Dial 2012, Navigating Digital Platforms.

Edison research is most noted for exit poll coverage for all of the major news outlets for the general elections, though their research extends to a number of areas. Here, you can find “The Least Likes Holiday Songs of 2012” as researched by Edison!

I’ve worked as an exit pollster for Edison for the past three general elections, including Tuesday, and done some other consumer studies for them, as well – quite interesting work.